December 19, 2007

5th and 6th Days of Christmas: Yandere and NICE BOAT; Where’s Rie?

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While the ‘yandere’ concept certainly sort of existed previously, it was Shuffle! and Higurashi that popularized the term and character archetype within the minds of the fandom. 2007 saw something that will quite likely immortalize this within anime fan culture: The Nice Boat Phenomenon (also known as “Axegate”). I’m sure you’re all familiar enough with that, so I’m not going to bother explaining it here. The quality of School Days itself aside (I didn’t really like it at all, personally), the entire fiasco has cemented itself in the minds of viewers– case in point: the manner in which everyone has been interpreting the various hints that had been thrown out there throughout Myself; Yourself. As soon as anything even remotely suggestive of a bloody past and possible future, all you hear is “OMG IMMINENT NICE BOAT ENDING,” which kind of reminds me of the whole “OMG IMMINENT PRETENTIOUS EXISTENTIAL ENDING” thing that was going around in some circles early in this decade. I do hope that the measuring stick for yandere does not end up becoming School Days, because I found the execution of the concept in Shuffle! and Higurashi vastly superior.


After having enjoyed significant popularity over a couple of years, Rie Tanaka seems to have more or less disappeared, with her (to my knowledge) only 2007 appearances being in My Otome Zwei and Hayate no Gotoku; quite a step down from voicing characters like Lacus and Suigintou. She should really be used more, as she has proven to be a very flexible voice actress.

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  1. Sometimes I wonder how this whole thing would have played out if not for the ‘Nice Boat’ delay of episode 12; would we just scream “ohnoes another School Days” instead of NICE MEME instead? Or would it be less emphasized?

    Also, in line with what you said, I hope the measuring stick for anime that has the slightest bit of drama does not end up becoming School Days. >_>

    Comment by CCY — December 19, 2007 @ 11:58 pm

  2. T_T still not linking my 10-days posts I see….

    in any event, I LOVE yandere, but I haven’t seen Shuffle nor do I care for any of the Higurashi girls. For yandere that are full of win Mirai Nikki brings the thunder!!!

    Comment by 21st Century digital Boy — December 20, 2007 @ 7:19 am

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  8. Borderline Hikikomori is doing 12 Days, too. ^_^ We got a late start.

    As for the yandere, I think, too, that it’s a new and upcoming element of recent characterization. I might write an entry on it after a little research.

    Comment by Crisu — December 25, 2007 @ 5:41 am

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