December 2, 2007

Nine Reasons Why Night Wizard 09 was Awesome.

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1. Anzelotte randomly showing up to ruin Hiiragi’s otherwise peaceful day. This is the most entertaining recurring element of Night Wizard, to be sure.

2. Tea. Obviously, tea-drinking sequences without fail make a series better. See: Rozen Maiden.

The presence of one of these always make a show better. Always. I dare you to give me an example to the contrary; I absolutely guarantee that you will be wrong.

4. Evil villain with badass henchmen. That’s right, none of this “sympathetic villain” garbage. These guys are pure, classic bad guys– impersonal, mean, nasty, and - most importantly - freakin cool.

5. Girls with (really big) guns. See reason number three.

6. Badass mahou shoujo villain weaving through danmaku. This is simply an overwhelming combination of a number of forms of awesomeness. It might not be an actual Touhou anime, but, meh, close enough.

7. Mahou shoujo beam spam with lots of glyphs. Everyone loved Nanoha for a reason.


9. GAR.


  1. You don’t get odd vibes from that ‘god’ Geza who Anzelotte oh so worships?? If it’s as generic as it comes, Geza {or however you spell it’s name} falsely let Anzelotte collect the “Seven Jewels of Virtue” to resurrect Syaimaral.

    Comment by 53RG10 — December 13, 2007 @ 6:12 pm

  2. Damn, I’m regretting having just deleted all my Night Wizard eps…

    Comment by 21st Century digital Boy — December 15, 2007 @ 10:55 pm

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