January 11, 2008

Some short blurbs on all the things that ended over the past couple of weeks.

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So, before I get started talking about the winter shows, I wanted to throw out a few mini-reviews of various shows that ended recently.

Sky Girls: This ended pretty much the same way that it had been throughout: nothing spectacular, but generally enjoyable. There were some facepalm moments like the “find the owner of the bra!” episode,  but overall it was pretty decent. I had gone into this expecting a typical mecha show with a bunch of underage girls at the pilots, but it turned out to instead be a military slice-of-life series with the action pretty much only being there as a device to advance the character development and storyline. It had much of the same feel as a show like Star Trek– while the external events were definitely present and relevant, the show was more focused on the relationships among the characters on a day-to-day basis, putting the show somewhere in between pure slice-of-life and something with a more linear plot.

Also, the show’s production values ruled. The soundtrack was excellent, and the CG sequences looked amazing.

Myself; Yourself: It was good at times, but my overall reaction (especially after the ending) is somewhere between “ugh” and a mocking “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.” They seriously needed to think the pacing of the show through more before they started actually making the episodes.

ef - a tale of memories: Everyone pretty much already has their opinion on this and it’s not going to change, so I’ll just say that other than the quips I mentioned in my previous post about it, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The amount of annoying pointless visual tricks decreased as the show went on. More importantly, not only was the story at the same time convincing and gripping, but it was executed incredibly well across the board, from pacing to drawn facial expressions to voice acting.

Night Wizard: Good fun overall. It’s not especially memorable in any way, but it managed to keep up a baseline level of pure entertainment without either getting boring or royally screwing up (more than can be said of the majority of shows). The plot was a little predictable and the battle animation usually kind of lame, sure– as I said, this isn’t going to wow anyone, but you really can’t go wrong watching this either. It did a good job of feeling like an RPG, and also is highly reminiscent of older cartoons that aimed more for simpler, unpretentious pure entertainment.

And as far as the still-ongoing fall shows…

Gundam 00: I had expected this to be little more than laughing stock by this point, but it’s actually managed to remain genuinely interesting so far. I like Graham Acre and Sergei Smirnov more than the Celestial Being characters at this point, though.

Clannad: Still good, though it’s looking like they’re going to have to leave out at least one of the routes if the series is only going to be twenty-six episodes. It’s a shame: my favorites are Kyou and Tomoyo, and if one is going to be left out, it’s probably going to be one of those two :(

December 2, 2007

Nine Reasons Why Night Wizard 09 was Awesome.

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November 2, 2007

Some more random rambling.

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October 20, 2007

So many insane traps! (misc. comments from stuff this week)

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October 7, 2007

More quick impression tidbits.

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